Our Approach

Using clearly defined investment parameters, our objective yet personal approach allows for the efficient evaluation of site feasibility and suitability to criteria set by clients, joint venture partners and investors.

Devestra works with leading project professionals and has a proven track record of assembling high-performance project teams comprised of experts in their field.

  • Architects

    Devestra engages first-class architects for development projects. We oversee and direct the evolution of the architectural design from initial concept to completion of documentation. This ensures that the optimum design concept for the project is selected and that the integrity of the concept is maintained throughout.
  • Consulting Engineers

    Devestra works with leading consulting engineers on each project. We oversee and critically review engineering design to ensure optimal design efficiency and minimal compromise to architectural integrity.
  • Cost Consultants

    Devestra appoints high-level cost managers to deliver viable developments. Objectives are met through value-driven and efficient designs, cost planning and benchmarking techniques, which are controlled through rigorous change management and risk management processes and reporting.
  • Legal Advisors

    Devestra works with preeminent solicitors’ firms to negotiate and oversee the preparation of all legal documentation required throughout the life of the project, including land purchase contracts, construction contracts, sales contracts, title reports, joint venture agreements and financing arrangements. We ensure these documents equitably reflect the understanding of all parties concerned whilst protecting the interest of the project’s investment vehicle.
  • Project Managers

    Devestra works in tandem with project managers to plan, lead, organise and control the safe and timely delivery of projects through adherence to robust best practice systems.
  • Residential & Commercial Agents

    Devestra utilises key residential and commercial acquisition/disposal agents who have extensive knowledge of the area, product and market place. We work in conjunction with these agents to develop preliminary pricing forecasts, project design objectives and proposed target market considerations. The marketing strategy deployed on each project is unique and considers many factors, including the desired image, location, target market and marketing budget.
  • Town Planning Consultants

    Devestra engages some of the UK’s top planning consultants for planning advice from the outset to provide a robust view of the bottom line implications of the development strategy. A detailed investigation of pertinent planning and regulatory issues is conducted to ensure design proposals are viable and approvals attainable.

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